Hohm Tech Sherlock 20700 2782 MAH 47.8A


The Sherlock Hohm INR 2782mAh 47.8A 20700 Batteries by HOHM TECH!

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All cells are developed and built specifically for intense & power-hungry devices that require consistent amperage delivery to operate as intended. Not only was power & capacity a priority, but safety measures were at the forefront of it all.

To expound on safety:

  1. Modified cathode tag consisting of higher purity aluminum is utilized to aid in lowering internal resistance
  2. Updated poly seal with refined bitumen is installed in every cell to ensure excess pressure is controlled
  3. Each cell is fitted with their proprietary EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient) ring with higher multiplier of resistance
  4. Every cell is equipped with 2-stage CID (Current Interrupt Device) system to aid in overcharge prevention
  • Capacity: 2782mAh
  • Max Charge Rate: 3.15A
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 28.4A
  • Pulse|Peak Discharge Rate: 47.8A
  • Cycle Life Ratention: 500 Cycles (69%), 1000 (60%)
  • Chemestry Type: Li-ion INR (Li-NiMn)


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